As a declaration of the policy, the state sees that the child is very important asset of the country.  It shall see to it that every effort should be exerted to protect, care and develop every individual to become a productive member of society.

It is in this context that the Children’s Joy Foundation Inc., put up a place where said children will have a home where they could be given attention while they are given educational assistance and other developmental services.

The Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. is a non-stock, nonprofit organization to help the abandoned, neglected and surrendered children in some urban areas.  It was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on June 15, 1998.  It provides temporary care for children and youth needing rehabilitative and developmental services.

The foundation seeks to assist the neglected, abandoned and surrendered children and youth in achieving their dreams through better education, physical and spiritual nourishment, above all God-loving and God centered individuals.

As what its name stands for, the Children’s Joy Foundation Inc., seeks to assist marginalized children to enjoy life to the full in a protective and caring environment, with a Godly fear oriented heart.