The Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. started when a goodhearted man, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy , Executive Pastor of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ the Name Above Every Name, saw the miserable plight of the poor Filipino children particularly children’s along the street while touring in the entire Philippines as an evangelist to help and protect these innocent and needy children by means by forming a Foundation that would cater their need

Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy is not a rich person, he is just an ordinary person but with a big heart to help disadvantage families and their need children. He wanted to make them improve their lives and to experience happiness and contentment in their heart. He then establishes a shelter and named it, the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc., to give joy, peace, protection and success to thousands of destitute children in the Philippines

In 1998, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy first establish the said Foundation in his birth town of Davao City where he initially sponsored 15 beneficiaries. The center became the temporary home for these children of hard up families because of poverty. Few years later, the service expanded through community-base program. He gives feeding program to malnourished children, provide free medical and dental service, and sponsored scholarship grants to poor but deserving children, Livelihood projects were also extended to beneficiaries’ parent to support their means of livelihood. Children’s Joy Foundation also worked with the communities in remote areas to provide assistance in the care construction and operation. From Metro Manila where it established the second Residential center in Project 8, Quezon City. Later it expand to Greater Manila and neighboring province. The vision of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy is to expand Children’s Joy Foundation to all Over the Philippines


The vision of Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. is to achieve excellence of its operation in greater heights empowering children, in God’s way to live a life of responsibility and accountability, gender-fair caring society and to become strong pillar nation building.


The mission of Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. is to reach out the greater masses of disadvantage children in the country by providing them Center Based and Community Based Support Program to achieve their dreams, become responsible and accountable with gender perspective in their community and in nation building.


The goal of Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. is to provide the children in the Phillippines with various services, medical, psychological educational support and emergency assistance to harness their potentials in community and nation building.

  1. To provide temporary shelter to disadvantage children’s in the country needing protection
  2. To provide various intervention programs and services to children that will restore normal functioning as person
  3. To facilitate process of reintegration in their family and community coordination and networking with LGUs. NGO’s partner agencies for the promotion of children’s right with their families
  4. TO provide opportunities that will promote their total development as children by enhancing their skills in preparation for independent living in the future
  5. To prepare them as young for employment and economic self-sufficiency
  6. To extend services to surrounding and neighborhood communities where CJFI operates based on their needs and available resources of the Foundation